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Heavyweight The new brewhouse at New Belgium (9/02) High Point Brewery producer of Ramstein beers.

Glenn's Beer & Wine Cellar
May 04 Update
(Featured in Chuck Cook p32 All About Beer, Nov 02)

 The last day of the old Russian River Brewery (9/22/02)
... and a pdf version of the interview with Vinnie.
Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City, MO. Steven Pauwels is the Belgian brewer. Anheuser-Busch, home of Budweiser in St. Louis, MO New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins, CO - producer of LaFolie.

Brasserie á Vapeur... We had to go back for a second visit for the naked pig glass for Ed... and of course, a few glasses of beer!

Brasserie Dupont... and our meeting with the Ale Street News tour. I didn't want to stop... the Duvel made me do it! (or was it Mark the Burgandian?)

Dixie ... an old New Orleans brewery.

DeDolle, DeBie, Noel's beer shop, t'Hommelhof lots of beer in one day!

Jeremy, ever the beer trouper, showed up for the tour.

Did you say Lambic? I'm ready,,, surprise!

a tour with Jef, the 7th generation brewer.

Where nice Nancy took pity on us in spite of the brewery being closed.

The walls of the city could not keep us out!

A twofer... De Blaugies and Abbaye des Rocs... almost in France.

Achouffe... the Nomes, Dwarfts, Chouffes.. whatever, they make good beer!

Oud Berseel, LeRouix, Bavik and Inglemunster... short takes.

The B&B in Watou

Trappistenweg 23A
57/38 88 60
A map of Watou is available in the Travel section.

Germany also has beer! And friendly bartenders

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