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DSCF1390 * The Abbey not in town rule still applies. We arrived one hour before closing to visit our 5th Trappist.
DSCF1391 * In the café, there is a collection of glassware which is not for sale (I tried).
DSCF1392 * However, in the back of the café, there is a shop that sells glasses and beers (not Achel which is draft only).
Achel_dining * This is as close as you'll get... a postcard showing the dining hall (the 4º is the house beer), and...
Achel_library * the library, where beer is probably not allowed.
DSCF1393 * We met with Brother Antoine, formerly of Rochefort, gives us the quick tour....
achel * and takes a moment for a BBB photo (card in his left hand).
DSCF1396 * My dad Ed gets in on the action.
DSCF1397 * We leave with the usual glassware, coasters and whatever esle was not tied down.