Day 8 • Did they leave the Bible open this time?

Early the next morning (as if we would sleep in!), we head to Mainz to find the Gutenberg bible. Last year the museum was closed, so in spite of my dad's aversion to cities, I was determined to get there this year.

It's well secured in a vault on the second floor, under secure glass with a guard always present. No flash photos, as you'd expect, but no problem. With three cameras we were sure to get something for our visit.

We make a quick stop at Fulda in search of Unionbrauerei, our first German brewery. A black beer called HahnÉ the same name as the airbase in Germany were we lived in the 50's. The brewery was closed, so we ate the customary wurst and had a beer before we moved on.

As we approach Jena, formerly in East Germany, we notice the 'institutional' look of the housing areas. It's interesting to see that even 10 years later, there is still this look to the town. The newer developments are more like those seen in the west, but there are not as many of those yet. After a few 'around the blocks', we found the Zeiss museum which was closed for the day and unfortunately didn't open until 11:00 on Saturday. We headed to our hotel, an interesting and newly remodeled old building with an attached brewpub, Papiermühle.

There were several beers, of which the Alt Jenaer Bock and the Schellenbier Bock Dunkel were my favorites. The 'recipe' is from the original brewery that had not been in operation for some years (GDR, remember?) The brewery was very attractive and included a large stained glass panel from the old brewery.

Note: This link,
German Beer Photo Tour,
is the same tour referenced in Days 8, 9 and 10.

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