Day 4 • Trappist  3 where we drink with Malcolm and the boys.

After a more than adequate breakfast, we say goodbye to our hostess, who gives us two four packs with glasses!  My dad gives her a silver and turquoise money clip made by the pueblo Indians of New Mexico.

Armed with precise directions from Malcolm's friend Ron, we head out to find the Abbaye of Westvleteren.   In spite of Ron's directions, we arrive at the Abbeye finding no line, and all three beers being offered.  I had to get a case... The cost? 1245 BEF, about $25!  By the time we were ready to leave, Malcolm and the boys arrived... with two vans they came ready to haul!  I swapped a few 12's for 10s and 8s after which we headed to café In de Vrede where I tasted the 6 and the 12.  Though tempting, Malcolm's offer to have one more, might have left me impaired to the point of not being able to get to Roeselare.

Finally finding Rodenbach, my daughter Jill's favorite Belgian, we discovered that the brewery is undergoing major repair and no tours are available.  I humbly begged nice  Nancy, an attractive 30ish young lady, for the opportunity to  buy a t-shirt for Jill. She agreed, seeing we had come all the way from the states.  It seems the shirts and glass were in the tasting room, at the opposite end of the brewery. Due to construction, we were required to carefully travel through the brewery!  We got a modified tour after all.  Arriving in the tasting room, we got the t-shirt and glass, and spotted a Fat Tire poster... I recall that Peter from New Belgium had worked at Rodenbach.

On the way back to our base, we had lunch in Tournai, a Roman town from 3c and the second oldest in Belgium.  A quick lunch, a beer and a few photos of the Cathedral Notre Dame  and we were on the road spotting this neat old Roman wall over a river with the church in the background.  The evening is spent, once again, in Mons at the L' Excelsior.  This time I try the Super des Fages, Aldegonde and the La Dragonne Briun, all quite good... I think!

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