Day 18 • It was worth the weight!

We're outta here… almost. The road to the car rental return was blocked. So we park in the regular parking garage and unload our booty. It's much heaver than I remember… Must have been the beer consumption while packing that made it seem lighter… you know alcohol dulling the pain!

The final hurdle, check in… My plan was if they disallowed our very excess baggage, we would consume what we could in a 'beer blast' in the airport… I wasn't going to just leave it there! As you may recall, I have almost a full case of Westvleteren 12 and other high abv bottles.

Happily, that wasn't necessary and we were on the way. Once you pass check in, there are no carts for the 'carry on'… it is carry on; how heavy can it be? Well, I still have the arm bruises to show how heavy several 75cl bottles are. Well, there is one more hurdle… as we reach the aircraft, having passed the check-in, I'm unable to locate the boarding passes. I had them, but don't have them now. After a search of the area and having to wait for everyone to board, they finally let us in! In flight, I find the passes… in my top shirt pocket… it must be the beer consumption!

Once home, I tally the score. 67 regular bottles, 11 75cl's and 50 glasses (one broke) as well as miscellaneous 'stuff'… brochures, chocolates, mustard, jellies, gifts and the like.

So, now we rest… And then begin planning for next year. If I rent a cargo container…


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