Day 17 • Can you drink too much beer?

We check out from the B&B and, as there is room in my bag, I get two each Rochefort 8 and 10 from Pierre' s shop. He also gives me a special bottle of 1999 Chimay Grande Reserve and a Delirium glass as a parting gift. I leave him with a bottle of Turbo Dog a North Coast Red Seal and a New Belgium glass… I think I got the better deal! After paying the meager sum of $50 per night, we take the necessary photo and head off to Mons.

We go to Mons in search of a better flea market, but, alas it was not to be found. It was more of a Sunday food, flower and bird market. I did however get some Chimay cheese for a later snack.

We depart Mons for the hotel near the Brussels airport, passing the Lion at Waterloo along the way. I think, Napoleon should have just had a couple of beers and moved on instead of bothering with Wellington.

Our last night in Belgium finds us in a small village eating Italian food and drinking wine… I guess it was time to go home.

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