Day 16 • The raising of Jeremy Gray.

Flea market day… but more fleas than anything. Being unimpressed with the offerings, we head off to meet Jeremy and his wife at Cantillon. If you're in the area, it's a worthwhile stop. It's not only a working brewery, but a lambic museum as well… spiders and all!

Back at the B&B, I visit a little with Pierre and agree to meet later that night at one of his favorite bars. After dinner at Falstaff, where the service was slow but the food was excellent, I deposit my dad in the room and head off to the bar a short walk from the room.

The beer brewed for the bar was quite nice… very light but tasty. A short while latter Pierre and his friend John arrive. A couple more beers and then Pierre ask his friend behind the bar if he has 'anything interesting'. He returns with a Cantillon Vigneronne made with Muscat grapes. On inspection of the label we find it's a 1987…Very tasty! We agree on a Rosé de Gambrinus for the final beer of the night and it too is a 1987! No wanting to push our luck and it being 2:00am, we call it a night and head home.

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