Day –1 • The start of something big… me!

Glenn It was going to be a long trip… although only 8 hours from Newark airport near my homeEd in New Jersey, the anticipation of the beer event we were undertaking made it seem longer. My dad Ed, who had come to my house earlier in the week from Albuquerque, claimed he would sleep during the flight.  Considering how many single malt scotches he scored, I thought he might.  But, with a six-hour time difference, it seemed the sun was coming up just as it got dark.  That was ok with me, as I was ready to hit the ground running!

Day 1 • Labmic anyone?

We arrived at the Brussels airport, Zaventem early Friday  on a dreary, rainy day.  After an long wait for the Chouffe glider, we and got the car... a Skoda.  What's a Skoda?

On the way to our hotel for the night, we made a quick stop at Beersel. Tres Fontaine was not open so we stopped down the street at café 3 Bronnen. We had a couple of lambics with our meal of ham and cheese (the first of many) and I quickly learned that lambics are not my dad’s favorites.

Ed & Dog Next stop was at  Oud Beersel a local café that is a lambic blender (Vandervelden).  Dad got to sit next to the family dog.  We left with the beginning of the label collection for Becky and a free glass.   Thinking ahead this year, the extra suitcase that is carrying bottle for the BBB Cultural Exchange will be used to carry the glasses home. I'm sure there will be more than enough space!

We went on to Maiseres to check in at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters for the Allied Powers in Europe) and get a little rest.  My dad, being retired military, is allowed to stay in these facilities.  The price are usually much lower than on the economy which allows us to allocate more money for beer and food!

A short while later we head down to LeRouix to look for Brasserie Friart, producer of St Feuillien. After a while, we found it... closed! So to a local tavern for an St Feuillien dark and blond had to suffice.

Ed That evening was spent in Mons on the square.  First we stop at a café with the lady from Romania and then off to L'Excelsior a local tavern for more beer and dinner.  There I got a free glass that somehow became lost by the time we got to the room.


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