21. John Alfred Burnett (1844 - 1886)

Father: 1. John Burnett (1814 - aft. 1864)
Mother: Elizabeth Needham (1819 - 1916)
Alfred was a private in the Confederate Army, Company A-3rd Arkansas Regiment, from 1863 to 1865.

On the 1860 Census, they were in Richland Township in Desha County in Arkansas, and on the 1870 Census, they were in Red Fork Township in Desha County in Arkansas. Alfred and Elizabeth Burnett were also listed on the 1870 census and the 1880 census in Desha County, Arkansas, but they were in the Jefferson Township.

Alfred died in 1886, and Elizabeth (Lizzie as she was called), was listed in Hot Spring County in Arkansas as head of the household. We have been unable to find Lizzie on the 1910 census anywhere; she was probably visiting one of her children at the time the census was taken, but she was not listed with any of them.

As of yet, we are unable to determine when or where John and Elizabeth Burnett died or are buried. They have not been found on any census for 1880. The Burnett Cemetery in Desha County has another old cemetery across from it, and John and Elizabeth may be buried there. This cemetery has been reclaimed by the swamp, and it is nearly impossible to get to. Several graves have dropped into the swamp over time.

Spouse: Elizabeth Dowling (1849 - 1916)

Elizabeth came to Arkansas in an ox wagon when she was little, possibly around 6 years of age. The family was believed to have first settled around Hamburg, Arkansas.

Elizabeth's parents have been more difficult to find. We believe the 1850 census from Illinois lists them as John Dowlin, his wife, Margaret Dowlin, and their children Sara and Elizabeth Dowlin, age 2. We are not sure where the family went from there; they are not listed in 1860 in Illinois, Arkansas, or other surrounding states. In 1870, we have found a John Dowling, who is the right age, listed from Fulton County in Arkansas. We cannot verify if this was Elizabeth's family or not. On the 1850 Census from Illinois, it also shows a Daniel Dowlin, who may have been John's father, and a James and a Peter Dowlin, who may have been John's brothers.
Married 1863.

Children and grandchildren:

  1. 22. William Frank Burnett (1866 - ca. 1890)
  2. 23. Frona Burnett (ca. 1867 - )
  3. 24. Dora Burnett (1869 - 1969); 7 grandchildren
  4. 75. Octavia (Tavy) Burnett (1872 - )
  5. 76. Leona (Ona) Burnett (1874 - 1953); 6 grandchildren
  6. 104. Henry Calvin Burnett (1877 - 1952); 11 grandchildren
  7. 155. Alfred Guy Burnett (1879 - 1928); 5 grandchildren
  8. 224. Robert Burnett (1882 - 1954); 5 grandchildren
  9. 312. Whitty Edward Burnett (1882 - 1944); 6 grandchildren
  10. 337. Ada Burnett (ca. 1884 - )

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