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IMG_8679 * What's that at the gate guardhouse?
IMG_8677 * The red sandstone-rock,  reaches 15 m beyond the top of the 80 m high castle-mountain.
IMG_8681 * In 1475 the Knights of Sickingen gained the castle by marriage. The famous Knight Franz von Sickingen (1481-1523) fortified the castle in 1518, but fell in battle in 1523 against 3 powerfull princes of the Empire.
IMG_8683 * From 1543 on, his sons and grandsons rebuilt the battered castle, till in 1600 it was a magnificent palace.
IMG_8691 * Dine explains about the Knights pilgrimage to a holy city in Spain with a reference to her brother Köbi...
IMG_8688 * while Carol and I depart from the side exit.
IMG_8690b * More info about von Sickingen at:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_von_Sickingen
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