Funky 4... the line up. Over 150 beers.This is a Quicktime VR. Click in the image and move the mouse left and right.Grandson of Glenn makes his first event.

I see he''s parked next to Johnny's Voodoo ale from his local, New Belgium in Fort Collins.

Check out his little beer in his left hand!
Now where do we start?
It's the Johnny's Voodoo Ale, a one off from New Belgium.Time for the group shot before we lose too many to alcohol !So, I'm thinking this one should be next...Damm. Mary's waffles are mighty good... and hot !
Warren serves one up...Who are those fools?It's Glenn & Mary with the Funky hats!Warren goes into 'cool' mode...
Check out the light show in this video clip.Ste've gets into the hat act with Mike.If he had hands, he could hold his own beer...but I think he likes it this way better.